Please refer to the Parent/Student Handbook (pgs. 18-19) for dress code policy information.  Click here to link to the Parent/Student Handbook.

Click here to download the HDS Uniform Shoppe order form.

The HDS Uniform Shoppe is open and ready for business even during the summer.  Please do not wait until August to purchase your uniforms as lines may be long and we may run out of certain sizes at that time.

To purchase your uniforms in a stress-free environment, and to save yourself the hassle of waiting in line, please purchase all your uniforms early. To purchase uniforms please contact Dvora Eisen at
561-212-1370 or email her at  contact@chayas.com.  Dvora will work with you to set up a mutually convenient time to meet in the school uniform store.

Alternatively, you may fill out the below form and leave it at the front desk -- or even fax it
(561- 470-5005).  You will be contacted when your order has been filled.

Please contact Dvora Eisen with any uniform related questions.

Elementary School Plaid Skirt Links

PTA sells navy skirts and has very limited quantities of plaid skirts in selected sizes. You are welcome to purchase the proper plaid skirt in the store of your choosing, but PTA offers the following three websites as options that many parents have found to be helpful.



Lands End and Buckhead also carry the navy/red plaid skirts:

Landsend: Classic Navy Large Plaid:

Buckhead Uniforms:

Color number 37

Middle School Plaid Skirt Links


Buckhead Uniforms:
Color number 76